Manufacturing Improvement Devices, Inc.

Our Mission

Goal: Develop solutions to provide interactive operator guidance and enable process data acquisition to diagnose / solve issues in the manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing Improvement Devices, Inc. (MID) is poised and capable of developing innovative electronic solutions to enable lean manufacturing initiatives. We offer manufacturing facilities and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) cost-effective, turn-key tools solutions for notorious manufacturing problems.

Our Objective

MID’s wireless tools provide operators with guidance to perform their changeover tasks flawlessly as well as enabling “health monitoring” and “predictive maintenance” through data analysis.

MID tools and solutions fully adhere to Industry 4.0 guidelines to maximize both manufacturing predictability and productivity. Efficiency of human assets, as well as productivity of a machine is optimized by:

    (1) Real-time monitoring of machine parameters (collecting data)
    (2) Health monitoring/ Early warning (using information)
    (3) Near real-time data analysis and trending (understanding the process)
    (4) Predictive maintenance algorithms (gaining knowledge)

All MID tools and solutions are fully independent from IT infrastructure on the factory floor and can be easily deployed on any old or new machine.

Our Products

Changeover Tool (COT)

  • Guidance for up to 250 adjustment points for 1 COT
  • 50 (max) adjustment points per machine
  • 5 (max) different machines
  • 50 (max) saved adjustment recipes
  • 1 Operator, 1 Moveable Sensor


    Changeover & Telemetry Tool (CTT)

  • Changeover guidance for 1 machine
  • 16 (max) adjustment points
  • 50 (max) saved adjustment recipes
  • Wireless telemetry data acquisition during machine operation
  • Real time statistical trending and data analysis
  • 1 Operator, 16 Permanently Installed Sensors