Manufacturing Improvement Devices, Inc.

Changeover & Telemetry Tool (CTT)



The Changeover & Telemetry Tool (CTT) is used in the manufacturing to provide operators and line maanagers with changeover guidance and live telemetry during a machines operation.

The Changeover & Telemetry Tool can be deployed at only one machine, with up to 16 permanently mounted wireless sensors. Adjustment points are determined by the machine design and customer preferences. Wireless CTT sensors are installed to enable adjustment guidance and telemetry reading at those points.


Changeover Tool Components

The Changeover Tool consists of 3 main components;

  1. CTT Controller:

    The COT Controller is Tablet PC with dual function: (1) receives and processes incoming data from 16 sensors; (2) serves as an interactive user interface. Through the CTT software, operators are guided to perform changeover operations and view real time telemetry data from the 16 wireless sensors.


  2. CTT Sensor:

    Up to 16 wireless CTT sensors are permanently installed on a machine via the adapter plate. These sensors have dual functionality: (1) guide an operator to optimally adjust machine; (2) display, verify and track machine adjustments during normal operation.

  3. Adapter Plate:

    The CTT adapter plate is used as permanent mounting for the CTT sensor. It is drilled, tapped, cut, etc. in order to be mounted on the machine. Once mounted, the CTT sensor is bolted on via 4x bolts for quick installation or removal.




The Changeover & Telemetry Tool's tablet PC and 16x wireless CTT sensors are used by operators to perform machine changeovers and track adjustment points during operation.

The CTT software allows operators to perform a machine changeover and track machine adjustments.

  1. Operation Selection:

    The CTT main screen allows the user to select one of the three operating modes available. These modes are: (1) Changeover - guided adjustments; (2) Telemetry - real time adjustment tracking; (3) Data analysis – displaying recorded data for root-cause analysis.


  2. Changeover:

    The CTT Changeover mode is used by operators to perform machine changeovers. Using the 16x wireless sensors and the software guidance, an operator is able to adjust machine to up to 50 different pre-saved “data sets” (recipes).


  3. Telemetry:

    After successfully performing a machine changeover, the user has the ability to monitor each adjustment location's current setting. The main screen of the telemetry mode displays all 16 wireless sensors and machine status via stack beacon lights.



    Each cell of the 16 wireless sensors shows the sensor location name, battery indicator, target position distance, upper and lower specification limit, last minute statistical data and all-time min/max for that location.



    The telemetry mode also shows the status of the wireless stack beacon light. If all 16 sensors are within tolerances, the beacon light is green. If a sensor deviates from the tolerance range, the beacon light will lit yellow. If a sensor has been out of tolerance for more than 60 seconds, the beacon light will be lit red and will remain red until manually resetted.



    Clicking on the sensors cell will provide the user with a graphical display of recorded values along with statistical trending data from the past 10 minutes of operation.





  4. Data Analysis:

    Previously collected data can be recalled and displayed in the CTT's Data Analysis mode. The user must select the date and time, the software will then generate the graphical representation of the data collected in 60 minute intervals.